How to Make Your Home Look Magazine-Worthy

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If you look at the pages of interior design magazines and think that could never be your #apartment without tons of dough, think again.  Apartment Therapy shares a few secrets photographers and stagers use to make spaces look amazing that you can copy in your own home.
Photographed interiors are almost always free of clutter.  Take a picture of your apartment to get a fresh perspective and once you’ve identified the trouble-spots, put a plan in action to rid yourself of clutter.
Don’t stuff your rooms to the gills with furniture and decorations.  Leave room so you can appreciate what you’ve got. To try this in your own home, take out a couple of big things out of your room and see what it does for your place.
Texture goes a long way towards making a room interesting.  Add some texture, whether it be a silk throw, a sheepskin rug, or a woven textile, to give your home new life.
Color can be used sparingly and still do a lot for your home’s decor.  When introducing color to a room, add a little at a time and give it time to see how they work before adding more.
Balance and proportion are two other important things to keep in mind when decorating.  Make sure you have a mix of small and large items.  If you aren’t sure, take a picture and see how the objects in your space interact with one another.
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