Hot Home Decorating Ideas for 2017

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Wondering what will be hot in home decor next year?  Realty Times has the lowdown so you can decorate your apartment in the latest style.  

Gray has been the dominant color in home decor for the past few years, becoming the new neutral.  If you’ve been missing color, good news, it’s going to be back next year!  The forecast is for white backgrounds with lots of pops of color and even rich vibrant colors for the walls too.  The top colors are navy, pink, coral, teal and emerald green.  Want to try the trend in a rental where you can’t paint the walls?  Focus on the accessories like decorative objects, throw pillows, bedding, and even upholstery.

Move aside silver, brass, and gold, rose gold is THE new metallic.  Already seen in fashion and accessories, the home is the next place to see this beautiful pink hue.  The great thing about rose gold is that you can use spray paint to give objects you currently own the color or even raid thrift store shelves for items like candlesticks and vases and transform them with the power of paint!

Textures are always a great way to add interest to your home decor, and furry accents are big for the new year.  Sheepskin and Mongolian fur chairs are really on-trend.  But beware: this trend can be overdone really quickly.  Focus on one furry statement piece to get the look without looking like you’re in a zoo.

Industrial decor is hot as well.  Think metal, concrete, and materials that wouldn’t look out of place in a factory.  When it comes to this style of decorating, it’s helpful to think outside the box by looking not at what something was created for, but what it could be used for in your home.

Black and white stripes are a pattern making a comeback in a big way.  After years of chevron being the dominant pattern for home decor, simple and bold black and white stripes will be back in everything from bedding to curtains.  Get ahead of the curve by bringing in stripes now.

Cork on walls is another big trend poised to take over home decor next year.  Cork not only adds texture and warmth to a space, it’s great for blocking noise and even putting up reminders!  Even if you’re renting, you can still bring in this trend with removable stick-on cork.

Ready to find a new apartment for 2017 so you can put the trends to work?  Give Apartment Experts North a call today at 512-339-4411 and let us help you find your dream apartment!  

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