Handling a Difficult Landlord

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Sometimes you can have a landlord that makes life difficult for you. Check out Fox at Home’s tips for dealing with a landlord that you don’t have the best relationship with.
First of all, local and state regulations govern the renter/tenant relationship.  Research the laws for your local city.  The Austin Tenant’s Council covers renter rights and responsibilities for Austin.  That way, you’ll know before you challenge your landlord whether the law is on your side.
Send any repair or maintenance requests by email so you will have a written record of the request and if you need to seek legal help you can have a concrete record of how long you’ve been waiting for the problem to be fixed.  It also avoids ugly confrontations with your landlord that may occur if you make your request in person.
Pick your battles carefully.  Think seriously about whether your landlord really needs to replace your smoke detector batteries or whether it’s something you can do yourself.  If you are constantly bothering your landlord for little things, they may retaliate by scrutinizing your behavior in regards to parties, pets and noise more closely than you would like.
Read your lease thoroughly and carefully to be sure you don’t violate any terms and that what your landlord is telling you is correct according to the lease.
Finally, be a good tenant, pay your bills on time, and respect quiet hours, and you will find your relationship with your landlord to be much easier.
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