Great At Home Movie Watching

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Movie watching at home can save tons of cash and be a lot more comfortable than going to a crowded movie theater.  In your apartment, you don’t have to worry about someone talking and ruining your experience or blowing a bunch of money on a movie you want to walk out of.  Apartment Therapy helps you host a movie night in style.
First all, make sure where you sit in relation to your television is optimal for you.  Think about your favorite place to sit at a movie theater and try to recreate that at home by moving either your television or your couch.  Also, allow snacks in the living room so you can have the full movie theater experience with buckets full of popcorn in disposable containers.  You can always vacuum afterwards or let the dogs clean up.  Along with that, spend the big bucks on bottled beverages to cut down on spillage.
Next, do some research on the content of the movie you’ll be watching, especially if you’ll be watching with your parents or children.  Make sure there’s no surprise violence or love scenes not appropriate for the crowd assembled.  It’s a great idea to have an intermission in the middle of the movie so everyone can load up on a 2nd helping of snacks, use the facilities and do any talking they just can’t hold in any longer.
Ask your guests to bring pillows and blankets so everyone can be cozy and start the movie early enough in the evening to make it a double-feature.  Turn off all the lights for the best viewing experience, and make guests turn off their phones so no one is distracted.  Finally, invest in a great quality sound bar for the closest thing to Dolby Digital Sound.
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