Getting Motivated to Exercise

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Getting motivated to exercise can sometimes seem hard, whether you’re new to an exercise routine, or coming back after an illness or a period of falling off the workout wagon.  Zen Habits.net can help you get back on the road to being in shape.

First off, set a single, small goal.  One that is easily attainable such as exercising two minutes a day for a week.  Even though that sounds ridiculously small, it’s something you should be able to accomplish.  Accomplishing your goal will make you more likely to stick with it.  Next, get inspired by reading about others who have reached your goal and how they’ve done it.  Now, use that inspiration to get excited about your goal.  Talk to others about it, think about how you’ll look after you have that body you’ve always wanted, get your anticipation going by marking your start date on your calendar.  Set it in the future so you can have something to look forward to.

Make posters of your goal and put them up to keep you inspired.  You can even put up a picture of your goal, like an actor who has the physique you want.  Now tell the the world what you’re going to do.  Tell friends on Facebook, coworkers, put it on your blog if you have one.  Tell them you’ll update your progress as you continue on the road to physical fitness.  No one wants to fail in front of the world, so you’ll be more likely to do what you’ve said you’ll do.

Think about your goal a little bit every day and commit to one tiny thing a day to help you reach your goal.  It’s also a great idea to get support, whether it’s in the form of joining a running group, making “workout dates” with friends or just joining an online community for like-minded individuals.  It’s helpful to have others going through what you are to turn to when the going gets rough.

Finally, don’t forget to never give up.  Things may get difficult, but keep at it and even if you miss a day, get right back on that horse (or stationary bike, or running trail), and ride!

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