Five Simple Styling Tips

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Wonder how you can get your home to look like something out of a design magazine?  The secret of professional decorators is styling, which is really just the way you arrange your belongings to be more attractive to the eye.  Use Apartment Therapy’s list of items that you already own that can be styled to really make your apartment pop.
Plants are a great way to make your home look fantastic.  No matter what type of plant or what room you put it in, your #apartment will automatically look fresher.  Plus, it improves the air quality in your space.
Candles are another way to spruce up your home.  The light they throw off makes your space seem cozier and even unlit, they add color and style.
Books and magazines are a great way to show off your interests and beauty to your home.  Use them not only on bookshelves, but displayed face out on picture ledges, or stacked to create levels on a coffee table.
Using trays in your home can be addictive.  Everything looks cuter and neater corralled on a colorful tray and they can be used in the kitchen for spices, the bedroom for jewelry, and the bathroom for beauty products.  They are also great on a coffee table or end table.
Textiles, from curtains to throw pillows, to towels and rugs, are a great way to infuse your space with rich textures, color and pattern.
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