Five Easy Houseplants

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Think you have a brown thumb?  Maybe you’re just trying too hard!  Pick one of these fool-proof plants from Food52 and enjoy some green in your #apartment.
Sansevieria, more commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue, is a very tough plant that requires little light and not much water.  It can store water for long periods of time in its leaves and also grows up rather than out so it’s a good choice for small spaces.
Euphorbia tirucalli, aka pencil cactus, can take tons of abuse.  They do require a lot of light, though, so keep that in mind when you choose this specimen.
Cyperus is a large group of plants that are mostly aquatic, so they are great for people who tend to over water and use pots without proper drainage.  Two of the prettiest versions of this hardy water-lover are the umbrella papyrus and the dwarf umbrella.
Tillandsia, or airplants, don’t need any soil, so they provide the unique opportunity to garden without creating a lot of dirt or mess.  They take in nutrients through their bodies, not their roots, so they just need to be soaked about once a week.  They can be misted if they need additional moisture between watering sessions.
Monstera deliciosa, usually called the split-leaf philodendron, has huge tropical looking leaves that make a big visual impact without a lot of time investment.  This plant doesn’t require much water and it changes colors and texture before it loses its leaves from neglect, so it gives you a visual reminder to take care of it.
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