Enhance Boxed Soup

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Enhancing boxed soup (or canned for that matter), with extras can be a great way to enjoy the feeling of hot homemade soup on a cold winter’s day without the hours of work.  The Kitchn helps you jazz up those store bought soups so you can start eating like it’s winter (even though the temps are soaring into the 80’s this week).
Add some dairy in the form of yogurt, sour cream, creme fraiche or heavy cream to soups like tomato, squash or red pepper to make the soup nice and creamy.  You can also add fresh herbs to just about any soup.  Thyme plays well with chicken or squash soup, basil enhances tomato soup, and rosemary goes nicely with soups that are bean-based.  So throw in roughly 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh herbs into each bowl.
Lemon and vinegar both add an acidic touch to soup.  Try a dash of lemon or lime juice or a drop of sherry vinegar.  On the other hand, oils made from nuts or truffle oil will also be tasty in your soup.  Fresh garnish can really perk up a soup’s flavor.  Use chopped tomato, green onions, red pepper, radish or pesto for a fresh flavor.
Don’t forget the cheese!  Grated cheese almost always tastes delicious in soup, whether it’s parmesan, romano, jack, mozarella, etc!  Other great add-ons are sausage or a little dribble of wine.  And don’t forget your enjoy some bread with your soup.  The better the bread, the better the soup!  So turn down the thermostat, don a sweater and heat up some tasty soups while you dream of cooler days.
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