Discrimination: Renting with Children

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Renting 101 | 0 comments

There are many classes protected by federal discrimination laws. One of these is families with children. It is illegal for any landlord of an apartment or home to discriminate against any persons with or without children. These examples are from the discriminationiswrong.com website. For example, a single woman applies to rent a one bedroom apartment with her six year old daughter. The landlord tells her that children have to have their own bedroom, so they cannot rent the one bedroom apartment. The landlord has just discriminated against this woman because of the fact that she had a child. Another example, a landlord declines to rent an apartment to a single male, saying that he doesn’t want the rental to become a bachelor pad. The landlord prefers to rent to a family. The landlord has just discriminated against this man. Another example, a landlord tells a family with children that he does not want to rent an upstairs apartment to them because children are too noisy when they live upstairs. This is illegal as a landlord cannot refuse to rent any portion of a complex to a family. Another example, a landlord only permits families with children to live in a certain portion of the complex. This is illegal as a landlord cannot force families with children to live solely in a predetermined area. Families are permitted to live in any area of a complex, even if other tenants think that they will be noisy.

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