Design Truths for Renters

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Renting has lots of upsides:  no expensive maintenance costs, a chance to try out a neighborhood or city without having to make a long-term decision, but sometimes it can be frustrating that you can’t make permanent changes.  Apartment Therapy wants to make sure you remember these 9 little design truths about apartments and suggests inspiring projects that will transform your space without leading to you losing your deposit.
Large pieces of art and temporary wallpaper can both add a lot of color and pattern to your apartment without paint.  Another great way to add color is to use bright pieces of furniture or accessories like rugs.
Plants do a great job of covering aspects of your apartment you’d rather keep hidden.  Plus they filter the air and bring the outside in.  Window treatments can transform a room with color, pattern and warmth.  Think about where the treatments should be hung to best showcase your windows and fit into your room.
Don’t be afraid to spend more money on things that can be moved with you.  Just think carefully about pieces that will work in variety of abodes.
Does your apartment have a hideous floor?   Don’t despair, there are solutions!  From putting down rugs to a temporary floor, there are options to disguise a less than stellar surface underfoot.
Don’t be afraid to make temporary changes to your rental from switching out lights to taking down vertical blinds.  Just keep careful track of what you did, where the original hardware is, and how to put them back in when you move out so you don’t lose your security deposit.
Think outside the box when it comes to storage, both for what you use to store things and what you store.  Finally, customizing your rental is worth the effort and cost even if it’s not going to be your home for the long-term.  Take time to put your own stamp on your space.
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