Design Mistakes to Avoid

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

Learn from Apartment Therapy’s decorating mistakes and save yourself the heartache they experienced.
Never paint a whole room before you’ve tested the color out on your walls.  Sure you may love a color in the store, or at a friend’s house, or in a picture in a magazine, but light has a profound effect on color, so get swatches, or better yet, a sample pot, and paint it on a section of your wall.  Then examine the color at all different times of day and types of light to see if it truly fits your space.
When you are purchasing major items for your space, be sure you aren’t going to be making any other major changes for a while.  If you want to buy a new rug and pick one that goes with your current couch, but you’re thinking about replacing your couch soon, it might be best to hold off until your space is in its final state.  Otherwise, you could find yourself with a mismatch.
Before purchasing anything online, be sure to pay attention to the measurements.  Don’t wind up with a chair that is actually ridiculously small because you didn’t measure, or a sofa that won’t fit through your doorway.  Measure every point of your chosen item’s journey to get to your #apartment.
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