Defining the Austin Townhome (aka Town Homes)

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Townhouse / Townhome / Town House / Town Home:
-Noun: one of a strip of houses joined up with by common sidewalls.
As an experienced real estate agent in Austin, Texas, I have come to acknowledge that many people expect a townhome to be a freestanding unit, much like a duplex or residence. This is not always the case. By classification, it’s a “row” of houses. Generally individuals compare our townhomes with “row houses” along the lines of the ones in New York City. A picture that one thinks of would probably be “the Cosby Show” dwelling. San Antonio’s a little distinct in the definition of a ‘townhome’.
A lot of of the townhome layout floor plans in Austin are constructed in an apartment style community. There are some that are purely townhome communities, however it’s not the norm. A great deal more often than not, the communities have some other floor plans including one and two bedroom apartment homes and flats present on the premises. Usually, these apartments are positioned below a townhome floor plan. Thus, the entry might be located on the second floor as compared to the first floor.
Considering that the popular townhome floor plan is two stories, there are generally a couple negative aspects. One is without question that utilities will be a little bit higher. A different issue to start thinking about is that the stairway is included in the total square footage; consequently units may in many cases appear far more spacious than what they in reality are.
On the up side, a townhome floor plan commonly has no neighbors above the residence, the only walls shared are on the sides or bottom. Moreover, townhomes with a first floor entrance might possibly have a bigger expanded patio area as a result.

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