Decorating with a Roommate

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Decorating your #apartment with a roommate doesn’t need to be stressful.  With Art Institute’s In Site article on #DecoratingWithARoommate, you’ll have lots of ideas for creating a space that both inhabitants are happy with.
Decorate your bedroom in your own style and then collaborate with your roomie when it comes time to decorate common areas.  Think about how you will use the apartment and what sorts of zones you need.  Examples include a hanging out place, a study nook, a dining space, and an entertaining space.  Play your cards right, and you could become the “it” apartment for all your buds!
Use the furniture and other objects you have already to be easy on the environment and your wallet.  Pieces that may be beat up or look dissimilar can be made to look alike and stylish with just paint and maybe some new knobs or pulls.
Don’t forget lighting when decorating your apartment.  It makes a big difference in what a space looks like, and how usable it is.  Dimmers make lights functional for both tasks, where you would turn the lights up high, and parties or dinners where you would turn the lights down low.  It’s always a good idea to have at least three sources of light in a room, ideally at different heights:  an overhead light, a table lamp, and perhaps a floor lamp.  For extra ambiance, candles can transform a space instantly.
Feel free to experiment and change things up periodically to keep them fresh for both of you.  Decorating your new apartment can become a fun bonding experience for both roommates!
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