Dealing with a Noisy Roommate

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#NoisyRoommate living in your apartment with you?  Learn how to drown out their noise from eHow before you lose your mind or your hearing!
White noise is a great way to mask the noise a roommate makes.  Place a white noise machine, fan, or cd that plays noises like a waterfall right next to your bed to drown out the other sounds in your apartment.  You can also download a white noise app on your phone for free.
Buy noise-cancelling earplugs to allow you to sleep in silence.  When you are awake, noise cancelling headphones work well, but just don’t turn the music up so loud you damage your hearing.
Soundproofing curtains are great for in front of windows, door frames and shared walls to absorb sound from the other parts of your apartment and from outside your home.
Make sure to talk to your housemate, though.  In a non-confrontational way, tell them how loud they are being and how it is affecting you.  You just might be able to get them to cut down the noise.
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