De-Stress During the Holidays

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Decompressing during the holidays is a must to avoid burnout.  There’s so much to do and so little time to do it!   Apartment Therapy helps you keep your sanity.
It seems like everyone around you needs you and there’s no time left for yourself.  Be sure to indulge in “time out” at least ten minutes daily.  Do something that calms you down and fills you with peace, whether it’s reading a favorite book, having a cup of coffee, or surfing the web, and don’t let anyone interrupt your time.
Go ahead and spoil yourself, whether it’s with a massage, a facial, or even just taking time to go to the steam room at the gym.  You’ll be better able to deal with whatever life throws at you.  If you don’t have time to get to a spa, go ahead and take a relaxing bath at home.  Add some soothing bath salts and fragrant candles, and you’ll be transported!
Using candles, potpourri, or diffusers, release smells that make you feel good into your home.  It’s a great way to pick up your mood and push the stress right out of your mind.
You may think you don’t have time to workout, but the last thing you should do during the holidays is put physical exercise on the back burner.  Going to your favorite workout class or even a jog or a walk will alleviate stress and fill you with positive endorphins.
Finally, it’s okay to delegate tasks to others.  You can’t do everything, and if you’re able to just recognize it, you may find yourself having the best holiday ever.  Also, your loved ones will most likely appreciate being able to help you out.
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