Best Items for Small Apartments

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If you have a small apartment, you have to think carefully about how you keep your stuff and what comes into your apartment in the first place.  The Sweet Home has done an exhaustive search for the best gear for small apartments.  Check out their recommendations for living large when living small.
First of all, choose the right size for all your objects.  By choosing a cordless vacuum, you take up much less storage space, and it should clean a tiny space without any problems.
Make the most of vertical space by using hooks, magnets, pegboards, hanging racks, tall bookshelves, etc, to make the most of wall space and the back of doors.
If you have nooks in your apartment, like a large window sill, add cushions so you can use it as a seating area.  Also, use every last inch of free space, from a shelf under a bench, to hooks inside your cabinets, to store small objects.
Find objects that can be stored in a small version of themselves, by either rolling or folding up.  Folding chairs, collapsible clothes drying racks, and air mattresses that can be used for guests are all great ways of saving on floor space.
Finally, choose high quality objects, from clothes to furniture, that can be used for years and won’t have to be constantly replaced.
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