Friday, May 11th Starting at 5pm!

Join us for food, fun and creativity at our annual gala and maker fair!

Event Info

Every year our annual Garden Gala gets better and better!  We love sharing the product of our students amazing work with the community!  This year will again feature activities, garden samplings, a salsa competetion, green runway, our Make-O-Rama maker fair, food trucks, silent auction, class tables and so much more!

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Becker Green Classroom

1701 Briar Street
Austin, TX 78704
On the Southeast Corner of Milton and Briar.


Friday, May 11th 2018
Starting at 5pm ending around 7:30pm 


Activities Include:

  • Maker Stations
  • Make-O-Rama Maker Fair!
  • Student Sala Competition!
  • Garden Samplings!
  • Class Tables!
  • Recycled Fashion Show!
  • Cardboard Arcade!
  • Battle of the Becker Bands!
  • Photo Booth
  • Silent Auction
  • Food Trucks


Brought to you by:

  • The Becker Green Classroom Steering Commitee
  • Our awesome Green Classroom Volunteers!
  • Our wonderful commnity sponsors, and
  • Our amazing Becker students, teachers and staff!

Becker Green Classroom

Wanna Rock the 2018 T-Shirt?

This year’s colors are a heather green tee with Becker yellow print!

And we’ve made it easier than ever to order!  Get the exact sizes and quantities you need with PayPal online ordering.  Every cent of profit goes to support the Green Classroom programs and facilities that your kiddos and community enjoy!

CHANGE: T-Shirts can be picked during drop-off and pick-up  May 10th, or your can pick up your T-shirts up at the Gala!

Pre-Orders Have Ended.

Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered!  For those that still want a t-shirt, don’t worry!  We will have a limited number of shirts available for sale at the Gala so you can still pick yours up there! 


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Our Awesome Sponsors

To Sponsor Or Support:

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Want To Volunteer?

Volunteers Rock!  If you are able to assist with  set up, event booths or take down, check our SignUp to see what roles we need!  Events like this can’t happen without our volunteers so give yourself a pat on the back!

Use  Our ‘Sign Up’ To Choose Your Volunteer Roles!

<a href="http://signup.com/go/aCJtKfi" target="_blank"><img src="https://signup.com/imgs/icons/signup-choose-a-spot-btn.png" alt="Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com"></a>

The Green Classroom

100% Organic Fun

The Green Classroom vision is to sustain an experiential outdoor learning space and an inclusive, diverse community centered around environmental stewardship, wellness, and equity.

Throughout the year Becker students and garden volunteers tend to,  nurture and learn from their class garden.  They grow, harvest, prepare and eat their own organic produce. 

The Garden Gala and Make-O-Rama is our opportunity to share a taste of that hard work and the amazing produce it results in with friends, family and community!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
– Audrey Hepburn

Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.
– Albert Einstein