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Austin Renters Save $1000s With One Easy Trick

Austin is currently one of the trendiest and most expensive places to live right now with continuously rising rents.   Savvy Austinites have started using one simple move that makes it easier to rent and can save them thousands off their annual expenses (hint, it isn’t available everywhere 😉).

Maybe you’ve heard of the termApartment Locator’? 

Sometimes called Apartment Finders, they are an incredibly useful tool when renting in Austin, and a unique opportunity to save money and time that isn’t available (or free) in every market. Unlike in New York and other large metro areas, in Austin reputable apartment locators offer their service 100% free to the client; and  it is 100% essential if you want to get in on apartments that leave the market in hours, not days, at the most affordable price.

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The easiest way to think of an Apartment Locator is as a ‘Renters Agent’. The job of an Apartment Locator is to help renters find and compare the best possible rental options for them that work with their budget and the time frame for their move. This may include things like identifying apartment specials, finding units that are about to hit the market, getting in on new construction, you get the picture.

Apartment locators can quickly navigate the constantly-changing Austin rental market saving time, stress, and some serious cash for their clients. Here’s how …

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Unadvertised Rent Specials. Apartment locators can help you find rent specials that never make it on to listing sites. In this housing market as volatile as Austin, apartment deals come and go daily. Apartment Locators are the first to hear about them directly from apartment community managers and stay on top of them all! They can help you identify the best specials available in the neighborhoods you want and the price range you are working with.

Accurate Pricing. Due to record demand, Austin apartment managers are seeing their rents change sometimes within the same day! On top of that, your total cost of renting is not just the rent and rarely are those additional costs readily apparent on either the property website or listing sites like Rentals.com. Examples include fees for parking, services, or storage, additional rent like pet rent, and move-in costs like application and admin fees. Apartment Locators work off a proprietary database not available to the public, but in addition they call to confirm the base rent for your move date as well as any additional costs so you aren’t blind-sided with hidden fees or rent.

Market Knowledge. New to Austin and not sure what to expect? An apartment locator can save you serious time, stress, and money by showing you neighborhoods you might not have considered that fit both your lifestyle and budget! Want to walk to work? To bars? To a cool coffee shop or a public library? Love biking, boating, hiking or running? Or maybe you just don’t want to be in the car more than 20 min each way to work? Talking it through with your apartment locator will often reveal one or more neighborhoods you didn’t consider that may be more in line with your budget but still fit the bill.

Options You Didn’t Know About. Apartment Locators help people with their rental applications every day. Frequently even experienced renters don’t know all their options when it comes to application and admin fees, security and pet deposits, qualification options, etc. Services like Sure Deposit are unknown by most renters, but can help you qualify and save money!

All The Right Questions. Don’t be fooled again! Apartment locators aren’t just there to help you find a place, they also help remind you to ask the right questions! How do the utilities work here? Is there a monthly pet rent?! Sometimes renters forget to ask the questions that end up meaning the most! Don’t get stuck in a lease that’s too expensive because you forgot to ask the important questions! Apartment locators are here to help you navigate all of the tricky questions and confusion that can come along with finding a great apartment.

So how can you find the best apartment locator to help you?  Here’s a few green flags to help you identify the locator you want to work with:

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Are They Experienced?

How long have they been working in the market? How long has the company been in business?

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Are they familiar with your top area of town?

Apartment locators typically work an entire market, but if their office is right in the heart of the side of town you’re most interested in they can probably give a lot of insight into living and working there.

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Are they responsive?

A good locator will get back to you in hours, not day and continue to communicate with you through the process, all the way to move in!

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Are they charging you?

This is a big NO-NO. Quality apartment locators will never charge you for their services even if you don’t end up renting any of the properties they show you.  They are paid by the apartments for connecting them with quality renters.

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How’s Their Vibe?

It’s always good to work with someone that is easy to communicate with who clearly listens and wants to know your needs.

Apartment Experts, and our sister offices, are one of the longest running, most experienced and largest apartment locator operations in Austin with 6 locations across the city. We have more than 200 agents ready to help you win at renting in Central Texas, just like the more than 50,000 renters we work with each year!.

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