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Austin is one of the US’s fastest growing cities. But one reason people move and need a new apartment in this town, is due to the long standing seat of higher education this area has held. UT Austin remains the educational flagship of Texas, but there are also another 5+ universities and colleges in this area. As a result, if you’re thinking about moving to Austin, or if you’re already here and are looking into higher education options, we’ve got some recent updates on colleges in Austin that might help you think about what is the right location for you.

Once you’ve found the area and school you want to be in, give one of our expert apartment locators a call, and they’ll get to work finding all the best living options for you. Our locators know the area very well and can help you find an apartment that will be ideally placed. But they can also help you get move-in deals and specials, saving you money in the process. So read on to get a quick glimpse of what’s going in the world of education, here in Austin!

Texas State University – Round Rock

Some great news for nursing students looking to enter a master’s program is the recent gift of $3.1 million to the Round Rock campus of Texas State. Though the main campus is located about thirty minutes south of Austin, the Round Rock option allows students who want to remain north a range of options and courses. The donation given to the northern campus will specifically help expand the nursing program, but the campus also holds classes for a variety of other majors and topics and is not exclusive to graduate programs as they also have bachelor’s programs operating through this campus. For the full scoop, read the article posted by the Austin Statesman!

Austin Community College

Austin has consistently ranked high as a well educated city. Austin Community College has been a huge asset in that respect, in that they have provided affordable and accessible education that has turned into careers and jobs for many in this city. They have a huge array of campuses to take classes at, and they are flexible and affordable enough for almost any budget. As a result, many Austinites either take classes part time for an associates degree, or students at other schools will supplement some of their core classes at ACC instead of paying the higher tuition rates of the larger schools. Classes at ACC are transferable and so they make for a cheap and flexible option for the student who needs a bit more freedom. To make things even cheaper and more accessible, Austin Community College has recently received a grant so that they can lower the costs of textbooks that are normally high. This will allow students to pursue their degree without the expensive textbooks, and will make studying here in Austin even easier. Read all the details here!

The University of Texas 

In recent years, UT Austin has made concerted efforts to expand and grow as a school. They have received grants from many different sources, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that has allowed the creation of a new computer science complex. UT also built a new home for the College of Liberal Arts; and perhaps most ambitious, is the most recent move to build a brand new medical school from the ground up. The first ever class has officially been announced, and the school promises to be a boon to this city, and to the world, in that it will boast a first class research emphasis. But it will also work hands on with patients in the Austin area, and with the hospitals in the wider health district, to keep us healthy!

Studies have consistently shown a clear correlation between the level of education and the amount an individual makes.. As such, many of us look towards advancing our careers and lives by going to college or pursuing a graduate degree. But studying is a time, effort, and cost commitment. It helps if you are living in a place close to where you have to study, so that the commute, and life in general, remains manageable and conducive to your lifestyle.

At Apartments Experts, we love helping young, and older, students find the best place to live. If you are new to Austin, or you are just wanting to live closer to where you will be studying, we can find you the best place to match your needs and wants. So call one of our locators today at: 512-339-4411, if you are in north of town, or: 512-416-8100 if you are in the south!

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