A Pet Friendly Apartment

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Got pets?  You’re not alone!  Austinites love our dogs (and cats and fish and rodents and reptiles).  If you’re trying to find a way to coexist happily in a small apartment with your pet roommate, read on for some tips from Realty Times.

When launching your apartment search, focus on places without carpet.  No matter how clean you keep carpet, it still harbors pet dander and allergens.  Better choices are durable flooring like laminate, concrete, or tile.

When shopping for furniture, choose stain-resistant fabrics, so if Fido jumps on the couch with muddy paws, you won’t have a permanent reminder.  Microfiber is a great choice, as is leather.  However, with leather you do need to take care that your dog’s nails won’t puncture or scratch the surface.

Installing a custom feeding station can make your life easier, by having food, bowls, and water all right where your pet needs it.  For renters, look for freestanding cabinets that can be taken with you when you move.

While there is nothing wrong with letting your cat or dog sleep in bed with you, (in fact, nearly half of dogs and 62% of cats sleep in bed with their owners), it can interfere with sleep for asthma or allergy sufferers.  If you decide you’d rather not shack up with your four legged friend, get them a stylish comfortable dog bed.  There are so many choices, you can easily find one that matches your decor.

Does your dog get bored while you’re at work all day?  Get them some exercise equipment!  Dogs love exercise balls and they can improve their balance, reaction and control.  A treadmill is another way to get your dog some exercise when the weather outside is frightful.  Dog agility courses and jump bars exercise Fido’s brain and body and give you both something to do together.

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment?  There are tons to choose from!  Apartments increasingly have amenities from pet parks to dog washing stations and more.  Give Apartment Experts North a call today at 512-339-4411 to find an apartment that’s perfect for you and your pets.

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