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Apartment Offices: How To Make a Work Space in Your Apartment

A home office is becoming more and more common these days.  A lot more people telecommute, or have hobbies that require a dedicated space to keep their supplies and work.  About.com helps you make your home office work for you, whether it’s a closet or a palace.
Your first step is to decide what space you will be using for your home office.  If you live in a small apartment, you may not have a lot of options and will have to think outside the box.  Do you have a closet that you could spare?  Remove the clothes rod, make sure there’s a nearby electrical outlet and suddenly you’ve got a home office!  Other options might be seldom used areas like the dining room or a guest room.  Using an armoire to store all your supplies and equipment will ensure you can close the door on your work and quickly turn your workspace back to its original purpose in time for a dinner party or guests!
Now move on to the things that will allow you to be comfortable.  Make sure you have lighting and a temperate environment, as well as window coverings if necessary so you can control the amount of light in your area.  The single most integral piece of furniture in your new office will be your desk.  Make sure it is large enough and at the correct height for you to do your work without any strain.  You can buy a desk or even build one out of a piece of wood balanced on two filing cabinets.
Your chair should be comfortable and positioned at the perfect height for you, with back and arm support to prevent any sort of strain.  Do your research before you go chair shopping to ensure you purchase a chair that will last through the work day.  You also need proper lighting to prevent eye strain.  A source of light should be over your reading area, over the computer, and behind you to prevent reflections on the computer monitor.
Pare down your office supplies to the minimum needed to reduce visual clutter and make sure you have plenty of room to work.  If necessary, store seldom used items in another room.  If you’ll have visitors, make sure there are comfortable places for them to sit and a waiting area in another area of your home, if necessary.
Finally, have some fun!  You’ll enjoy working more if you decorate with items you love and that make you happy.  So don’t be afraid to stamp the room with your personal style.

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