A Clutter-Free Kitchen

by | May 14, 2012 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

A Clutter-Free Kitchen can be difficult to achieve and maintain, but if you reach clean kitchen nirvana, you’re more likely to cook more often, therefore saving money AND eating healthier.  Apartment Therapy.com shares tips on keeping your kitchen neat as a pin.

First, choose which appliances you really use daily and put the rest away in the cabinets.  While you’re putting away those appliances, go through your cabinets and purge anything that you don’t truly use or need.  Speaking of things you don’t need, designate one drawer as a junk drawer, so you can house all the odds and ends without a home.  Or go truly clutter-free and don’t keep things without a home!

There are lots of different types of organizers you can purchase to keep your cabinets organized.  That way you can use every spare square foot to the best of its capacity.  You should also move anything that you can’t cook with or eat out of the kitchen so you have room for the stuff that truly belongs.  Also, if you’re short on cabinet space and have to have food out on the counter, put it in decorative containers, which will look much neater than mis-matched food packaging.

Lastly, give your apartment or house kitchen a good once over at the beginning and the end of the day.  You’ll have to really give it a good scrubbing at one point, of course, probably post-dinner, but a good ten minutes spent right after breakfast and right before bed will go a long way towards keeping that kitchen neat.

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