7 Ways To Get Your Small Entrance Way To Work For You

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Apartment Decorating | 0 comments

When you live in a small apartment, coming home to a large foyer or entrance way is not very common. In fact, you are probably dealing with the opposite and have the challenge of working with a small entrance way or not much of one at all. Well, we’re here to show you that you still have options for a stylish and organized entrance way, one that meets your needs and your budget. Check out the list below.
1. Use two rows of bins, one running across the floor and the other up on a shelf
2. When working with a corner, use a cornered bench and shelf 
3. Place a console table against the wall and add baskets underneath

4. Make your own coat hanging station with towel hangers and hooks

5. Use a storage bench with built in basket slots and add hooks above it 
6. Stack crates strategically or hang them on the wall for shoe storage
7. Use a small dresser with drawers and add hooks above it 


We hope you found these ideas helpful in creating the entrance-way and organization you need for your small apartment. If you are looking for an apartment to call home, we would love to help! Apartment Experts has been leading the way in apartment locating here in Austin for almost 20 years! Our experienced locators answer phones 7 days a week, and our locating service is free of charge. Call 512 339 4411 today!



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