5 Easy Ways to Go Green

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Looking for ways to be more green and sustainable?  Every little bit helps Mother Nature and About.com has 5 easy ways you can help the environment starting right now!
Many Austinites have gotten used to bringing their own bags to the store since a ban on plastic grocery bags went into effect nearly two years ago.  However, if you are still using plastic bags, try bringing your own to the store.  Keep them in the car so you’ll remember them every time.
Purchase food with less or no packaging so you create less waste.  Plus, food like produce and bulk bin items that have no packaging are the best for for your health.
Create your own vegetable garden and grow your own produce.  Even #apartment dwellers can start container gardens.  Have a brown thumb?  Buy local produce at the Farmer’s Market to support your community and avoid the toll on the environment from trucking in fruits and vegetables.
Hanging a clothesline, even if it’s just on your balcony, is a great way to go green.  By drying your clothes using free sunlight rather than a dryer, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, save money, AND have great smelling clothes!
Compost your family’s kitchen scraps, paper towels, yard waste and more to use as soil.  You can even buy countertop composters that don’t take up much room!
Need help finding an apartment with lots of green features?  Give Apartment Experts South a call today at 512-416-8100.

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