10 Items You can Clean in a Minute or Less

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Cleaning something in less than a minute sounds like a good deal, right?  Especially if it’s an item you should be cleaning more often than you do now.  So check out Apartment Therapy’s list and get to work!
Your kitchen sponge is a breeding ground for bacteria.  Stop the nasties in their tracks by throwing it in the dishwasher or microwaving it for a minute regularly.  Turn on your ceiling fan because it’s hot out and get covered in dust?  Prevent this problem by cleaning each blade with a pillowcase, which will trap the dust and keep your blades nice and dust-free!

When washing towels, don’t neglect the kitchen towel.  Buy several and rotate them out so you don’t have to wipe your hands “clean” on a dirty towel!  While you’re out there doing the laundry, be sure to clean the lint trap on your dryer.  You should do this every time you run a load to dry faster and save energy.

Cell phones see so much use, they deserve a good cleaning.  Turn off your phone, let it cool down, and then clean the case with a barely wet cloth and alcohol.  Use a plain microfiber cloth to clean the screen (skip the alcohol).  While you’ve got the alcohol out, get that television remote and give it a good swipe with a damp cloth and a mix of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol.  You can even use a Q-tip to get in between the buttons.

Keep your pillow fresh by putting it into a hot dryer or outside in the sunshine periodically.  Then go to the bathroom and clean your makeup brushes with mild soapy water, rinse and allow to air dry.  Then use a ziplock bag full of white vinegar and rubber band it to your shower head.  Leave it overnight to get rid of deposits that block your water pressure.

Finally, silverware drawers tend to collect crumbs.  Pull out the trays and dump out the crumbs, then vacuum out the drawer before replacing the clean silverware.  There, you’ve spent 10 minutes and your apartment is sparkling!

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