New East Riverside Apartments Are In the Works!

Austin Towers is reporting that Aspen Heights Riverside will be located near the intersection of Riverside and Willow Creek Drive. The developer, Aspen Heights Partners, has set a construction start date of July 1st on the 325-unit, 4 story community. The project is forecast to cost $42 million and should take a little over two years to complete.  The Riverside area has been growing rapidly.  This is just one of many riverside apartments that have been coming online over the last 5 years.

The community is close to several redevelopments in the area, including the new Oracle campus and the proposed 97 acre Project Catalyst.

The developer has a unique approach to storm drainage on the site. Rainwater would be collected in several underground pools that would be under the parking garage. That runoff would then be carried to the creek through a storm drain.

Impervious cover up to 80 percent is allowed by city code, but this project would have 77 percent impervious cover on a 3.3 acre site. The building itself would be approximately 286,211 square feet.

The city is concerned about several aspects of the project, including the unique drainage plan, the fact that the building is drawn as being 59 feet tall (maximum size in the area is 50 feet tall), and that exits are currently on both Woodland Avenue and Willow Creek Drive. The city has said that no car traffic can be added to a principal street.

The City’s Development Services Department was also worried that the Floor Area Ratio put forth in the plan is larger than what is allowed for the site and wants to be sure that the developer is complying with the East Riverside Density Bonus program.

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