A new survey looked at what people are moving to Austin and other Texas cities for and then determining the best cities for renters. Culture Map Austin reports.

More than 45,000 residents across the country were asked to score their city on several metrics. Austin overall earned an A minus, as did San Antonio, the two highest ranked cities in the state. Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth all earned B plus or B.

The biggest draw for new Texans is the strong job market. Austin was graded A plus for jobs and career opportunities, San Antonio got an A, Dallas and Houston were awarded an A minus, and Fort Worth got a B Plus.

Another reason people move to Texas is for a great social life, and the major Texas cities did great on that metric as well. Austin earned an A, as did San Antonio and Dallas, and Houston and Fort Worth got an A minus.

It’s no secret that Texas has a lower tax burden than many other states, and that could be a reason why so many former Californians have come to Texas. Dallas and Austin both scored A Plus for state and local taxes; Houston, San Antonio, and Fort Worth got A’s.

Traffic was the only category where the grades were decidedly closer to failure. Traffic in the Lone Star State is legendary and most cities don’t have robust public transportation systems like in many other states. Austin got a D for commute and public transportation, Fort Worth got an A in commute time but a C plus for transportation, Houston got a B minus for both, Dallas earned a B plus for commute and a B for transportation, while San Antonio got a B plus for commute and B for transportation.

Austin also got an A plus on pet-friendliness.

Texas did very well overall. The state got an overall A, which put it 8th on the list. Texas was awarded an A plus for jobs and career opportunities, a B plus for affordability, a C plus for commute time, and a B minus for transportation.

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